Lesbianne Musings

Welcome. I love feedback. Love is the answer. Peace , Love and Acceptance. Peace! !


Lesbianne Musings will contain writings on many subjects. I am a middle-aged woman who has been told since childhood that I’m a natural writer. I’d like to explore that. I live in Maine, usa, in the northeast corner on the ocean where I was raised. Except for a few years in other states Maine has been my life long home.

Over the years I’ve written mainly for school, work, pleasure, journaling, newsletters, and one small article that was published in a local newspaper.

I also indulge myself in amateur photography and creative attempts at art, specializing in stick figure drawings.

My current interests are multiple and varied, and include Health, Healing, Spirituality, Sexuality, Nature, Ocean, Environment, Armchair Travel, Music, especially k.d.lang, Reading, and Reading Authors writing about writing, especially Anne Lamott. I’ve been an avid reader since I learned the alphabet.

In 1998 I sat in front of a computer and keyboard for the first time. The computer is a major challenge, and I started out with e-mail. In 2000 I owned my first desk top, and recently graduated to a lap top – which I love because it is portable and I can travel with it safely in the overhead bin.

Gradually through adult ed classes and a couple of college courses I broadened my experiences to include art and photography programs. In recent years I found Facebook, and very recently Twitter, both challenges that I slogged through with determination and many a bit lower lip. Especially on Twitter I found many bloggers and started reading and following several. Of course I became intrigued with this new form of media and my interest piqued right away. Today I’m taking a deep breath and starting my own blog. Can’t wait to see where the muse takes me.

All readers are welcome. Replies encouraged and appreciated. Constructive criticism is a welcome teacher, and respectful disagreements accepted. Zero tolerance for abuse.

I look forward to sharing my blog (gleeps – sort of ) and hope you will feel welcome here.

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