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Free to BE

Free to BE

Ospreys are equally comfortable in air or water, and are the only bird that dives under the water for its prey from high above. They are monogamous, mating for life, migratory returning to the same nest each year. They are marvelous parents and it is pure joy – and tense excitement – to watch them teach their young to fly and hunt. Their voice is surprisingly quiet for such a large bird with a sound like an elongated “Cheep”.

The main purpose of my bog is FREEdom and BEing, freeing my inhibitions to write, and being my authentic self. Perhaps if I can lure my muse to this space I can  think of myself as a “real writer” one day. I did hear this statement recently ….putting brush to canvas makes you an artist….putting pen to paper makes you a writer. The wise person who said this clearly understood CREATIVITY is an innate aspect of ourselves we would do well to nurture.


  1. Yeah!
    Good job.

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