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Gratitude One

Set Sail from your COMFORT ZONE

“…whatever is upfront at the time.”  Just sit. Just write. Let it flow. Do not edit or reread. Lots of ideas flash by my eyes, cannot seem to grasp even one.

Wanted to start a blog to practice and improve writing skills. Excitement. Much to say. Much to share. Much curiosity. Much to learn. Seems to be a block.

Gratitude is the foundation for inner joy, compassion and acceptance for others, contentment, fulfillment, inner peace, happiness. All the Wise Ones say so.

Today was the 5th in a row of “May Sky” days, my phrase. May Sky days have vivid blue, clear skies without even a single white cloud. There is a certain quality

to the light of a May Sky day, always sunny but not glaring. The exquisite special green of new leaves, the bright and light green-yellow of the new baby spring color

on the trees press against this particular sky; the contrast of those particular shades of blue and green are mesmerizing, I can’t get enough of looking at them. Ever.

I must enjoy every one of these special days for they will pass by quickly and turn into hot and humid or foggy and damp June days. Those “May Sky” days come

again in September, though – smiling. I am grateful for that – it gives me something to look forward to when the heat oppresses me.

I found a blog devoted to gratitude, called gratitudeequation. “This is exactly what I want and need in my life!” I immersed myself in her pages and felt renewed,

and reminded of a direction I have decided to take in my life.

When I wake in the morning the first thing I do is open the curtain and look out the window. Then out loud I say something like this -” I am grateful for another new

day and grateful I woke up this morning. Let me remember to be mindful in every moment and to live this day as if it is the only day I have.”

Sometimes I wake up grumpy and wish I didn’t have to be awake yet or to get out of bed. Then I remember the promise I made to myself to focus on gratitude as a

tool to help me feel  happier in my life. Then out loud I list some things for which I am grateful to have in my life. Especially if I am grumpy I won’t want to do any of

the things  I’ve promised myself I would do for my own benefit. Those days my gratitudes start with the basics – I am grateful for my breath, for my sight that I can

see the trees out of my window, that my legs work just fine so I can get out of bed without having to wait for someone to help me. I am grateful for a nice apartment

to live in, for clean water to drink, for nutritious food to eat. I am grateful for the warm water in the shower and that I have soap and shampoo, oh and toilet paper,

too! It would be inconvenient to run out of toilet paper! And since that has happened before I must be grateful that I have enough funds to keep my home stocked

with the necessities, such as toilet paper! By this time the grumpy usually lifts, and I am grateful for that, too. 🙂

Finally, dear readers, I would be grateful if each of you would post one thing for which you yourself are grateful. I know it would help to dispel the grumpy to

remember your shares. Thank you for spending a few moments of your day with me, I am grateful for your visit. 🙂



  1. DCfemme

    Such a beautiful and inspirational post! As a cancer survivor, I’m grateful to wake up each and every morning. It’s good to think about gratitude. Thanks for the reminder!!

    • What a lovely comment, thank you, DC. I am a cancer survivor, too, thanks for mentioning that you are – with gratitude in our hearts we become thrivers! from survivor to thriver!

  2. Ava

    Thank you so much for your very inspirational message. I am deeply grateful each day I awake in good health. That gift has not been bestowed upon someone very close to me. As I grow older I realize that no matter how diligent we may be, sometimes it is nothing more than good fortune.

    • Thank you, Ava, for sharing your gratitude with us. Yes, there are no givens in life. The best we can do is plan, live life to the fullest, we don’t have control over the outcome.

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