Lesbianne Musings

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YOU! ! !

YOU! ! ! !

by Lesbianne Free

I am loyal you said!
I will never leave you, you said!
I will love you forever you said!
Trust me! I’ve told you how
I feel so often – when will you
trust me and believe?!

I’ll never have to be alone again
you said! you color my world you said!
You will never again be alone you said!
You can count on me you said!
Im not all those others who hurt you,
you said! No, YOU are worse!

I came to believe and trust YOU!
I let down my guard
gave you my heart
showed you all my scars
you touched them gently
and kissed them softly

You are beautiful you said
you are the love of my life you said
no one has ever loved me
like you do you said.
You are a treasure you said
You complete me you said

No, we complement each other
we each are women whole
and complete, stand on our own
happy in our own company
We choose to be together
because of want, not need

my god! my god! my god! my god!
how can you say so nonchalant
I just want to be friends now
no more intimacy, lovers, romance
or sexual partners you said!
Circumstances change, people change

you said! my chin to the floor
my mouth hanging open
unbelievable! I sank to my knees
my heart seared, mind numb,
incredulous! oh my god!
I trusted YOU! I broke.

bleeding heart asian style



  1. Ava

    A heart lies bleeding. A very, very moving piece.

  2. Thank you, Ava. Yes it does tho healing will come.

  3. christine walsh

    again I read your words and it makes my eyes well up with tears! 🙂

    • Thank you, Christine. Nice to see a smile in spite of the tears.

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