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Monthly Archives: June, 2013

Rosie and Opal, and Edna, too (a first date)

ROSIE AND OPAL, AND EDNA, TOO (a first date) by Lesbianne Free you do enjoy being out in nature? lovely my favorite thing we saw two retired elephants Rosie and Opal living in Hope perfect May day, warm sun, cool breeze, birds singing, flowering crabapple trees showing off their finest azure skies, not a single …

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YOU! ! ! 3

               YOU! ! ! 3 (and final) by Lesbianne Free I am loyal you said! I will never leave you you said! I will love you forever you said! Trust me! I’ve told you I love you so many ways, so often – When will you trust me and believe?! …

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For Love of Our Breasts

I’ve been thinking about women’s breasts a lot recently. Just yesterday I was contemplating what and when I would write about breasts.  I love women’s breasts. I am a lesbian and I love breasts; but more personally I loved my own breasts, they were my favorite body part. Then only today I read two different …

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GENDER CONFUSION Lesbianne Free From the perspective of a Lesbian who “Came Out” in the 80s in a Lesbian Feminist Community I’ve been in “gender confusion” since I joined Twitter a few months ago. I came out at around age 30 in the 1980s in an area that is mostly rural, in a lesbian feminist community …

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Loving You Like You Deserve

Loving You like You Deserve by Lesbianne Free Watching a movie together lesbian love story, Lianna snuggling on comfy couch even before the movie starts we are feeling cozy you are so beautiful, I whisper in your ear. I caress your face, kiss your forehead gently, and lightly run my fingers over your long dark …

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