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Loving You Like You Deserve

Loving You like You Deserve

by Lesbianne Free

Watching a movie together
lesbian love story, Lianna
snuggling on comfy couch
even before the movie starts
we are feeling cozy
you are so beautiful, I
whisper in your ear.
I caress your face, kiss your
forehead gently, and lightly
run my fingers over your long
dark hair so soft and fragrant,
bury my face in and inhale your
sweet scents.

You take my face in your small hands
and gaze into my blue eyes with
your lovely soft brown
We kiss softly, long and sweet
then both sigh and snuggle in to
watch,  though perhaps our minds aren’t
fully present to Liana and her first woman
lover as her story unfolds.

I begin using my fingertips softly tracing
the outline and curves of your
luscious voluptuous body
ears chin neck, collarbones, shoulders,
we each wear loose light clothing and
have complete access,
you reach out to touch me and I stop
you gently and smile,
I continue down your sides and up
again, across your chest, surrounding
your nipple and then your breasts
holding them, leaving them with a soft squeeze

Your breathing begins to change
as does mine.
Beautiful lovemaking scene
we are entranced.
I let my fingers trace down your
belly across to your thighs and up
the insides – you moan –
I gently stroke your hair and trace
your outer lips down to your
deepest secret and up again over your inner
lips – you are so wet and hot you
take my breath away

I cup you with my hand and slowly let
one finger reach inside and then
sliding up again I part your inner lips
and gently circle your luminous pearl,
by this time both of us are nearly panting.
you grab my hands and  intensely search my
eyes – without speaking both of us jump up and
holding hands run up to the bedroom and throw
ourselves onto the bed – we both lost our
light tops on the way.

Before you can take control I half roll onto
you and pull your hips toward me
Now my vulva massage is stronger and
fuller- you are soaking wet as are your
panties. You groan and thrust your heat
hard against my hand – you grab the back
of my head and growl out – “I want you – NOW”
I begin to remove your panties, you are so urgent
you grab them and tear them off and fling them
to the floor.

I need no further invitation but
slide myself down between your legs
and bury my face in your sweet hot
wetness. I kiss and lick and gently
suck and touch your pearl with the tip
of my tongue lightly, then cover you with my
mouth sucking gently, and licking quickly as
I thrust two fingers deep inside and stroke
your tender spot, You are rapidly thrusting against my face
and sliding over my tongue, I am very “close” you
excite me so – as I sense you building to
climax I surprise you by thrusting my
little finger into the center of your poppy.

oh my love you scream – and begin
to shudder and vibrate, clamping my
fingers tight within. I am groaning and
cum with you. Your intense orgasm lasts
a long time. When you begin to quiet
we both are panting quietly. I start to touch
again and you push me away – no more!
not yet! so I slide up beside you and wrap you
gently in my arms while your breathing slows
and your body relaxes. I’m feeling sleepy
when your breathing changes and
we both fall into the sea of dreams.

This is my first attempt at writing a thoroughly erotic lesbian love poem. It was easier than I thought, and I hope it will only enhance my reputation as a multi-faceted writer. Usually too serious, I’m trying to lighten up and get to know all of my Gemini sides.

featured photo (c) Belle Ancell photograph of  ‘dewy furled poppy’

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