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Rosie and Opal, and Edna, too (a first date)

Mt Battie from Tower

ROSIE AND OPAL, AND EDNA, TOO (a first date)

by Lesbianne Free

you do enjoy being out in nature?

lovely my favorite thing

we saw two retired elephants

Rosie and Opal living in Hope

perfect May day, warm sun,

cool breeze, birds singing,

flowering crabapple trees

showing off their finest

azure skies, not a single cloud

you squealed with delight as Rosie

touched your hair with her trunk and

i jumped and shrieked when Opal

trumpeted her approval

we both laughed and were in such awe

of these two majestic beings

who were so gentle

we climbed to the summit which

Edna St.Vincent Millay so lovingly penned

verse upon verse her home town

we stood where she stood

and saw what she saw

we rested then on  a grassy area

from my forest green backpack

i took a blanket and spread out

then came fresh fruit, cheeses,

and whole grain crackers

along with cool spring water

We ate and drank in silence

taking in the beauty of the woods

the harbor far below dotted with

many white sails

you took my hand and smiled into my face

I looked into your eyes and saw pure

happiness, and I was glad

slowly we leaned toward each other and as our

lips touched warm and soft

together we breathed the sweet air and our

hearts quickened to the lyrical sounds

of the white-throated sparrow singing

long sweet trills across the hills

later on we gathered up our things

You shivered a bit as you wrapped yourself

in your jacket – I gave you mine as well

I never get cold I smiled.

Then hand in hand we started back down

the mountain, taking the path had Edna

St. Vincent Millay as she too returned

home before dusk became night.

This is the first poem I’ve written in many years. Am pleased and proud to say I entered it into a poetry contest and won an honorable mention. Think I’ll try my hand at a few more. I write a lot of prose and essays etc but my poet has largely been buried since my teen years.   Lesbianne Free 

photograph “Mt.Battie Summit near Tower overlooking Camden Harbor, Maine” found on Flickr.com commons.wikimedia.org


  1. Ava

    Rosie and Opal, and Edna, too, is a beautifully penned poem from beginning to end. The accompanying photo transports the reader to that very special place where anything is possible. I’m thrilled your poetic voice has awoken!

  2. What a love compliment! Thank you, Ava!

    • That is supposed to say lovely! someday my proofreading skills will be honed!

  3. Reblogged this on Lesbianne Musings and commented:

    This Poem is dedicated to Red Mistress who encouraged me to write and publish poetry online – so I did. This was written as if RM had come to Maine to visit me and we had an outing, first date. Thank you, RM.


  1. Rosie and Opal, and Edna, too | Sapphic Poets

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