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Artificial Flavorings New Clue for My Food Addiction

Today I watched the Dr. Oz show and was thrilled to receive a new clue to my lifelong food addiction problem/challenge.

Always I’ve known sugar was addicting. In mid-1980s I learned sugar, white flour and volume were definite culprits and learned how to manage my food addiction with a weighed and measured food plan while eliminating all foods containing sugar, flour, and other refined carbohydrates. The biggest help with that was learning to grocery shop only around the perimeters of a large supermarket as this is where all the whole food is displayed.

But that hasn’t been the whole answer for me and I’ve continued to be plagued with cravings and chronic relapses. So today I was thrilled to gather more information. Professionals  and other recovering food addicts have insisted that the rest of my problem after eliminating flour, sugar and volume was emotional. I KNEW that was not the entire story for me just as I KNEW I also had strong emotional component to my food addiction behaviors.

A guest writer on Dr. Oz show – can’t remember name – talked about artificial flavorings as being addictive. Incredibly he mentioned the one food I first remember getting addicted to for its intense flavor – Doritos Nacho Chips. Wow! I first discovered them and could never stop eating them until the package was completely empty, no matter how big that package was, no matter how stuffed I felt, no matter how puckered my mouth was from the salt, no matter how thirsty I got and how much cold fluid I was compelled to drink for relief, no matter how “uckky” my hands got from the powdered nacho cheese on the chips coming off and sticking to me. I could not stop eating them until they were gone!

This clue bears much more thinking about and remembering as I believe I need to now be conscious to avoid all artificial flavors. On my “abstinent” weighed and measured food plan artificial flavors are permitted and I would add them daily to my plain yogurt at breakfast and the evening “snack” referred to as metabolic adjustment. 

I could not wait to share this information with other recovering food addicts. Stay tuned for more re food addiction.

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