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“You Don’t Have to be a Perfect Person to Find a Perfect Love” Nick Vujicic

The Most Inspirational Video You Will Ever See: Nick Vujicic – found on YOUTube

This morning on the Dr. Oz show I saw and heard Nick Vujicic. What a remarkable human being! I was most taken with his beautiful radiant face; that special light from the eyes and light-filled smile which I find examples of Spiritual Love in this broken  and often tawdry world of ours. If his name isn’t familiar, he was born without arms or legs in 1982 in Australia and he has an extraordinary positive personal philosophy of life. I’ve seen him in videos on the Internet and this is the first time I saw him in a live interview. He found his soulmate, married and they have a son and are expecting another baby. Their book is:

Love Without Limits – by Nick Vujicic, Kanae Vujicic

I no longer believe in a knowing way that I will find a soulmate or a true human love in this lifetime. I may. Or I may not. Regardless this beautiful man gives me the inspiration to recommit to being the best human being I can possibly be. And I right now recommit to being the best human woman I can possibly be by pursuing optimal health and wellness, and by working toward growing spiritually every single day – every moment sometimes.

I cannot embellish upon this in any way. HAGD – Have a Good Day, all! Peace!

Positive Attitude, Love, Spirituality, Hope

Positive Attitude, Love, Spirituality, Hope


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