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AA and OA – Alcohol and Sugar Addictions and Birthday Hallelujah!

Today is my 64th birthday and I am incredibly grateful to still be here to celebrate.
Also for the VSG.  – “sleeve gastrectomy”  or “Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy” or “The Sleeve”, my recovery from food addiction, imperfect though it is, and my 29 years abstinence from alcohol.

Even though I did not yet lose all my weight – at 2 yrs post-op – still have 50 lbs to reach goal – my smaller stomach keeps me from eating more and thus I am able to maintain my 130 lb weight loss.
NO I will not be having a birthday cake or booze and it is FINE with me – truly – because having regained my mobility and now enjoying life again is ENOUGH! I never thought abstaining from sweets would be doable or okay with me but it truly is.

Alcohol is very high in sugar AND calories and you can probably drink a lot more calories than you can eat at one time – I could.
Alcoholics used to be told to eat candy for alcohol cravings – it is the sugar they actually crave. Many of us so obese are addicted to sugar but didn’t know it – I am.

To an Anonymous Post-Op VST patient –
It is sad to hear you have switched addictions. But for finding AA first I likely would have done same. I celebrated 29 years sobriety in May. But sugar is my primary addiction so it took me many more years to be willing to give that up for my health. Please do all you can to find healing and wellness. It is so worth it.
My suggestion? if you don’t know of any AA meetings in your area – call the 800 AA hotline – can get number from directory assistance – and ask a member to pick you up and take you to a meeting.

Anonymous In Maine

I began my sugar addiction before age 5. Age 5 is the first binge I remember – eating to the point of involuntary and uncontrollable vomiting. I am 64 today – sugar is sometimes still a problem – when I listen to the addict voice in my head that tells me I can have a normal amount just this once. Oh My Word – after all these years I still follow that thought sometimes so wanting to believe it – but it is always a lie.

When I am sugar free and eating healthy foods – mainly proteins, veggies, healthy fats, and complex carbohydrates, I feel wonderfully happy, satiated with my food intake, and enjoy life tremendously. Addiction is insane – a slogan from AA that really hits home “insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results”. So True for addiction – if addicted to sugar and/or alcohol, eating or drinking anything containing either is insane and will glean the same horrible results of bingeing and self-loathing. It really, really is an illness.  Abstinence is the only hope for sane living. AA and OA provide community so we don’t feel alone any more.

Weight Loss 130 LBS

Weight Loss 130 LBS

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  1. Happy Birthday. Hope you are enjoying your day 🙂

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