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Gratitude For Recovery from Autoimmune Illnesses

Elephant Journal has done it again! I love EJ for articles on health, relationships, spiritual growth and more!      http://www.elephantjournal.com/

In this article Dr. Hyman from Cleveland lists many of the autoimmune illnesses people in the western world struggle with today, as well as 9 Steps to deal with which to deal with these illnesses. I discovered I am hugely more well than I was by age 40. I could still improve, but I have much gratitude.


Below is my response to Dr. Hyman. If you read it I think you will be impressed that I’ve made so many positive changes in my life and health. The ONE big factor I consider is abstinence from sugar, white flour and refined foods most of which I’m either allergic to or have a high sensitivity.

“Dr. Hyman, Thank you for this wonderful article. In ’92 when I was 40 I was diagnosed with Candidiasis. I had a lifelong history of URI and antibiotic use, a lifelong since-by-age 5 sugar addiction and a long history of chronic illnesses and multiple complaints including asthma, IBS, joint pains, GERD, major recurring depression. I’ve had many tumors in and removed from my body including fibroids of breasts and uterus, adenoma of thyroid, lipomas, ganglion cyst, breast cancer both ductal and lobular, acoustic neuroma treated twice, a lifelong struggle with obesity, Focusing on recovery from sugar addiction I am now much healthier after receiving the tool of VSG in 2013. I no longer have borderline diabetes, sleep apnea or hypertension. All of my labs are within normal limits. I still struggle with sugar addiction and emotional eating. I lost 130 lbs and have kept well over 100 off – could easily lose 50 more and still be quite round. My mobility has greatly improved and I can now walk 2 miles at a time easily, no more joint pain except when I overstress my joints, then taking 2 Aleve at night takes it away. I think I could probably be even more well but I’ve come far and am grateful.”  Sincerely, Anne Wing

130 lb weight loss

130 lb weight loss

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  1. How inspiring!

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