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Juicing To Improve My Health

Okay, so I know juicing helps with health improvement. In 1995 when I was first time diagnosed with Breast Cancer I made the decision to add fresh juices to my intake – vegetable juices with an occasional apple but no other fruits – also sometimes with a bit of fresh ginger, fresh garlic and fresh onion. I bought a Braun juicer – a simple one just for one person, and I still have it though the blade is a bit dull. I made vegetable juices for 90 days to support my cancer treatment – surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. I also did a lot of other adjunctive treatments – daily Reiki by friend Reiki practitioners, Naturopathy, Nutrition, Prayer, Energy Healing, Art Therapy, Dietary Supplements, Teas and a Shamanic Healing with a native healer from South America. I was willing to do just about anything to heal the cancer.

Now, many years later I am still concerned with my health and though I’ve healed from the cancer and , been cancer free for 15 years – I had a second primary breast cancer in 2000 but not metastasized outbreaks, thank you God – I still have “issues” which I now  believe stem from lifelong Sugar Addiction.

Recently I realized I have Chronic Urticaria which started in Feb. 2015, or at least started as an ongoing daily problem. I’ve had hives outbreaks many times over my highly chemically sensitive life, but this started with a vengeance recently. My PCP couldn’t diagnose me probably because I’d scratched everything so badly. I only self-diagnosed after watching Joe Cross’s “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead for the 3rd or 4th time. It took me so long partly due to hearing issues – the volume is too low for me on my computer, I have a hearing loss in both ears and completely deaf in one. Partly also Joe’s fetching Australian accent, and partly because of my brain density I think – it takes a long time for me to fully comprehend what I hear – mental fog – probably from a lifelong Candida issue due to antibiotic use and sugar addiction. The Chronic Urticaria, and in particular the itching and scratching put me at risk for another life-threatening cellulitis leading to more antibiotics, more yeast infections and probably more Chronic Urticaria. Since February I’ve been through 2 courses of antibiotics and prednisone which healed the unknown skin condition both times. Then the third time the areas started swelling and itching I decided to NOT use antibiotics and steroids but to try to find out the problem and what to do about it.

I had WLS, weight loss surgery in June 2013, 2 years ago and had highly successful results with the VSG, vertical sleeve gastrectomy or “sleeve”. My borderline diabetes – gone, sleep apnea – gone, hypertension – normal now with meds, all lab values WNL within normal limits and a weight loss of 137 lbs, though I’ve been in relapse for the past 6 months and regained 30 lbs. and desperately want to put a stop to that and get back on track. My depression and anxiety are still there and my attempts to decrease my anti-depressants failed. I was on lower doses for a year and took a while before I realized the months of increased depression were due to that decrease so with my doctor we increased me back up to the full doses again a couple months ago – and I am feeling better, and functioning once again fairly well.

What to do?

So while not directly life-threatening the Chronic Urticaria worries me because it tells me that systemically I am still unwell as in not healthy.

Well nowadays I believe my health level is directly connected to my nutritional intake. I have a limited budget. It is the end of the month and I have nothing saved for groceries or anything else until next check comes which will be August 3. So what can I do TODAY to take a step toward improving my health. In my fridge I have fresh celery and apples so I can make a juice with those which I’m leaving to go do right now.

So off I go to begin adding fresh veggie juices to my diet on a regular basis. I am excited and curious and wonder where this path will lead? To radiant systemic health? I can only hope. Please follow me on my recent journey and feel welcomed to add your own experiences and input.

ANNE August2014 at Callyns party

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