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Juicing For My Health Days 4 – 7 & Lyme Disease in Dogs.

Well, okay, predictably there have been 2 days with no juicing at all. Today I made a scrumptious smoothie. I’ve learned to use smaller amounts of produce with stronger tastes and/or acidic quality, and larger amounts of the milder ones like baby spinach or tender celery. I don’t like that I am using any sweetener at all and don’t expect that will continue. I’m all about progress not perfection so if it takes a packet of sweetener to help me drink a fresh juice or smoothie I will.

My first day was Wed. July 29. I already posted days 1, 2, 3, Wed, Thurs and Friday – July 29, 30 and 31.

Saturday, August 1 – rabbit, rabbit – Day 4

– yes beginning to feel a bit like a rabbit. I think I have a bit more energy today. But I overdid it and juiced twice for one smoothie and one large juice. I always add a bit of water to the smoothie to help with getting the blades started and several ice cubes.

Morning – Smoothie, 1/2 cup plain Greek Yogurt, Cantaloupe, raspberries, small bit of fresh pineapple, banana. The ripe banana makes it sweet enough and the ice cubes crushed into the smoothie make it cold enough. Since I have a sleeve (VSG – Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy – “the sleeve”) it takes me a long time to drink such a large amount. I’m sure I’ll get better at amounts as I go.

Afternoon – Veggie juice – celery, romaine, 2 red pears  – I’m hunting for my Juicing For Health book – it has a lot of recipes and they are aligned with the health condition whose healing they  support such as a recipe for diabetes, ones for depression, asthma, one to support cancer treatment, and lots of others. Can’t wait to find it again. I might have a smoothie book, too. Perhaps this new trend will really take with me.

Sunday, Day 5 – no juicing – feeling tired and depressed

Monday, Day 6, same as Day 5 only worse

Tuesday, August 4, 2015 – Day 7 – Smoothie – this was fun

1/2 cup plain Greek Yogurt, 1/2 cup water, 1 packet of Stevia in the Raw, 4 celery stalks, baby spinach and arugula (aha! so arugula is the green that I really like the taste of that is included in the baby spring greens mix), few raspberries, small amount fresh pineapple, 3 purple plums, cantaloupe, ice cubes. I’m out of bananas.

I’m still looking for my Juicing For Health book and my Smoothie book.

Monday was a miserably uncomfortable day due to heat and humidity. Here in Coastal Maine we get a nice Atlantic breeze and most people do not have A/C, air conditioning. Stores, restaurants, offices and other public places have A/C and many private homes have window air conditioners.

Also, Rusty, my almost 8 year old mini poodle started limping the day before so I took him to the vet and learned he has Lyme Disease. He’d been a bit low energy and sleeping more for the past week, and not so interested in playing “toys” but I thought it was the heat, and he would sometimes pant even when resting. Then the limping started and I worried – injury? – he has 4 pogo stick legs and jumps high and a lot. arthritis? bone cancer? (I am nurse and a cancer survivor so that is a natural leap for me). Never in a million years would I have guessed Lyme Disease as he has had his vaccinations, he gets treated prophylactically regularly,  and I am extremely vigilant for those nasty deer ticks. I learned that thankfully Lyme in Dogs is less intense with a much better prognosis than is Lyme in humans. He is on an antibiotic for 30 days, doxycycline,  and he will be fine. He takes his pill fine – in fact this little dog does anything I ask him willingly and just fine. No need to use any kind of force – just gentle voice and gentle touch. Rusty is a good life learning lesson for me. I’ve a personality that is sometimes impatient and irritable and I tend to expect immediate obedience and compliance no matter what I ask so the fact that he is naturally an obedient and wanting to please little dog works very well for us. I’m sure my son could testify as to my demanding nature, but you know what that means – that means I am ever so much harder on myself than I am on everybody else, demanding perfection and nothing less,  and becoming very impatient when my expectations do not get met. So, “they” say, you can’t teach an old dogs new tricks but I am here to testify that is not so. My being the old dog in this case, I wasn’t very patient when I was young and I still tend to be impatient but I am learning how to be kinder and more gentle and accepting with myself. And little Rusty is so dear that he pulls the love right out of me.

I’m richly blessed. Rusty fell into my lap almost literally at a time in my life that I was very low. In fact I was planning that proverbial long walk on a short pier. I got a message about a poodle whose owner died who needed a home. My Thomas passed 3 years ago and I’d been wishing for a new little companion but I could never afford a poodle and do you know how many of that breed are found in shelters? Few and far between! Even the poodle rescues seem to cater to the rich folk, which is of course in the best interest of the dog as veterinary expenses are high and my personal pet ethic is one must care for pets as well as they would for a child or themselves. Pets aren’t eligible for medicare and medicaid lol, and though there are pet insurances they are prohibitively costly for a “pet mom” on social security, fixed income. And my mother, with car, came to take us to Rusty’s Vet appointment in the next town. Thank you, Mom! No buses or public transportation in rural Maine.

Well, back to Day 7 smoothie! Yum!

Anne and Rusty

Today May 2015
Miniature Poodle Therapy Dog with Author

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