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Good – Bye Flowers
This morning I got an email from a friend saying this is good-bye and her day of liberation. Ending her life? I don’t know.
Maybe this sounds cold but I believe one has a right to choose one’s exit date. In my age group and older lots of us have chronic health issues, many quite unpleasant with grim prognoses, failing bodies, disappointment and loneliness, mental and emotional pain stronger than the affected one can bear.
I know the thoughts of suicide generate overwhelming negative emotions, judgement and fear among many. Who am I to judge?
In some circles to which I am part the saying goes around that “God doesn’t give you more than you can handle” – That saying has always bothered me. If that is true why is our suicide rate so high? I am deeply sad still over Robin Williams leaving, and if this friend leaves I will miss her a lot, but I’ve been there, contemplating and were it not for a millisecond ray of hope that hit me each time I would no longer be here either. On the other side of that, though, I am so grateful to be alive to experience one more beautiful Maine Sea Summer Day, and the joy of my dog’s cold nose against my cheek while he snuffles sweet nothings in my ear.
Peace. Love. Joy. XO ❤

Good-Bye, dear friend. Parting is such sweet sorrow. I will miss you! Bon Voyage! XO

Good Bye Flowers


  1. Sharon

    If I received a similar e-mail from a friend and had any thought she might be contemplating ending her life, I would do my very best to seek help to reach out to her. I hope your friend’s message was not her final one.

  2. Hi Sharon – Yes, of course you would. Anybody would. I did such for this friend on more than one occasion. It would have been more complete if I’d remembered to write that I had a history with this particular friend. Time has gone on and things have changed. I now understand I can do nothing to help or change anyone else unless they want help. That time has passed and I now must hold my place and respect my friend’s position. With all my heart I hope this is not her final message as well.
    Thank you for your comment.
    I especially appreciate when people make comments on difficult topics such as suicide and abortion. It takes courage to face and address these issues. Many would rather not, and I respect their choices, too. Anne

  3. I wrote this piece soon after I read the email and I was feeling very emotional at the time and writing serves as a comfort for my pain sometimes.

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