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RE-Blog on Gratitude to Those Who Support Us…

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Many thank yous to the author of the blog The Seeds 4 Life which I find most inspirational!


OK, folks, I think I’ve finally pulled the pieces together – my life experiences, my skills, my knowledge, my willingness to keep on growing and learning. I have a passion for learning and a proclivity for teaching – I am going to apply for a Yoga Teacher Training certificate. I think that might just be the “cement” to help me pull it altogether – life coaching, Reiki, RN medical, nutrition, health and wellness knowledge, writing, long term recovery from food addiction, and victory over a number of life threatening illnesses, recurrent cancer and recurrent major depression being two,  plus a passion for spiritual growth and yogic living.
It is expensive but I really want to do this – I have a big longing to Pay it Forward and help other mid-older age adults with morbid obesity and a strong desire to improve their lives.
So I’m going to apply for a scholarship so I can take the training, but need a full scholarship which might not be doable – another fb friend suggested I do something called Go Fund Me – what do you think?
Need to go fill out that scholarship application – please think positive thoughts for The Highest and Greatest Good for me and those I would come in contact with for which to give service. 

I first studied and practiced Yoga in 1994 when I attended a week-long workshop in Energy Training at Kripalu Yoga Center in the Berkshires in western MA. I fell in love with Kripalu Gentle Yoga  – a form of Hatha Yoga – and felt I’d finally come home. I went out to Kripalu looking for further connections to spiritual growth and understanding. At that time I was suffering a relapse from food addiction and depression, for which I first went to inpatient treatment in 1988 At Glenbeigh in Tampa, FL. It was to be a long road and a long search, and I’m glad I did not know that at the time.

I knew it was Spiritual Connection for which I longed and sought. I’d been raised in a fundamentalist tradition that preached hellfire and brimstone every time they spoke from the pulpit. Intuitively I knew that God was Love but I just didn’t know where to find my heart’s desire. I tried many organized denominations, and other forms of Spiritual Practice – many gave me something but none gave me what I most needed UNTIL I found Kripalu Yoga and Bhakti Yoga Practice.

The words of the Sacred Sanskrit Chants as they are translated into English are unspeakably beautiful heart-filling to spilling over, and uplifting. . Devotional Chanting touches me in a way no other Spiritual Practice ever has. Here are some of the words from one of my favorite chanters of Bhakti Devotion – Krishna Das.

Wander wild and homeless
All roads lead to you.
Riding wind and laughing at the moon.
Don’t know who or what I am
In your arms the while.
Face of babe before it knows to smile.
My heart wrapped in your blanket sky.
We’re here but there’s no trace.
Everywhere I turn you kiss my face

“Mother Song” from “Pilgrim Heart” Krishna Das – fb page – https://www.facebook.com/KrishnaDasMusic?fref=ts

Krishna Das and Ram Dass are my two favorite spiritual teachers from this tradition. Both have amazing stories and histories, both traveled to India to find their Spiritual Heart. It has never seemed like something I would do to travel to India – many reasons, heat and humidity, allergies and chronic health conditions being some, never to mention my size and coloring. (A friend of mine, similar size and color and height – tall for a woman – had a trip to India to an area where the indigents had never seen whites. She recalls, to my horror, stories of the curious natives staring at her and poking her in wonder and amazement. No, not for me.) But then we westerners who come into contact with the Yogi teachers are most fortunate in that we don’t have to travel to the tropics to find and appreciate their gifts.

During my visits to Kripalu I attended a number of Sacred Devotional Services called Satsanga with a chanter and several musical instruments. The chanter leads and the audience responds – so beautiful. One of the most beautiful parts of the Sacred Service is a Ceremony of Light called Arti. (Arti is most akin to the western tradition of a communion service using different pathways and different tools, in my opinion.) It is thought among many that Jesus was a Guru. It is very possible in His time that He actually was a Guru – teacher and healer of the Spirit). The Ceremony of Light, Arti, spills Light from a special Oil Lamp over all the audience, and deeply touched my heart.

There are lots of chants and sacred ceremonies on the Internet if you’d like to “Google” for them. Here is one:


The first time I experienced Arti I was nearly overcome with emotion, relief and a shower over me of Unconditional Love.

So people who know me may be somewhat confused by my spirituality and my spiritual practices. I consider myself to be non-denominational, ecumenical, Interfaith, and open-minded, open-hearted. I am a Christian and belong to the United Church of Christ, an open and affirming tradition that combines Methodist and Congregationalist and sometimes  other Protestant traditions. To me being a Christian means Love and Acceptance. The UCC is a world religion with a web site


I was so happy when I found them. Other spiritual practices that are important to me are attending and practicing The Twelve Steps of AA and other 12 step groups, Reiki and Yoga. I believe it is only by willingness to fully open my heart that I was able to find solace and comfort for my heart and soul, and by this same means  I long to go out “into the world” and Pay it Forward to others. Namaste.


Arti-Hindu-Ceremony-of-Light LAMP



  1. davina

    Very inspiring story, you have been blessed with an open and loving soul. I can see that your journey has brought you to a place of wanting to share and help others, keep moving towards radiance.

    • Davina, thank you for visiting my blog and your most encouraging comment.
      The scholarship did not come through so for now going for a Yoga Teacher certificate isn’t going to happen. My search continues.

  2. Interesting, I grew up in the UCC and still approve of its very liberal and forgiving attitude. I personally identify with Unity Church of Christianity because of its more mystical leanings, but do not regularly attend. It seems to me that you have been through a lot in your life and my heart goes out to you! Mark

    • Mark – it is the UCC that I found as an adult, am a member, love and support. It is where I found true healing, acceptance and love. I have been through a lot in my life – incredible growth opportunities, eh?!
      I’ve attended the Unity Church over the years a few time and like that as well, but none close by here.
      As an incest survivor part of my recovery was to promise myself that never again would I pretend things to be the way they weren’t, not for any reason. So when I went through breast cancer the second time I chose to not have reconstruction because I no longer want to pretend things are fine or okay when they are not. Along that way of thinking I decided I was a lesbian – yes born a lesbian but didn’t know it until after age 30 and I was still yearning for a spiritual community where I could be me openly and be accepted and loved just as I am. I found a local UCC and so love their missions and the community there that I made it home. I don’t attend much any more for lack of car and for health reasons oftentimes. BUT my heart always knew Jesus is about Love and Acceptance in spite of the childhood brainwashing and spiritual abuse. Whenever I feel I can’t go on or have a resentment because someone hurt me I remind myself of what Jesus suffered here on Earth – and I know I can indeed go on. xo

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