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Why I Must Keep on Writing (blogging)

Haven’t written a blog page in a while. Read an inspiring blog piece today by a young male Aussie writer that was passed on to me by another blogger. I decided I need to put more effort into writing – even consider – gleeps – perhaps some kind of regular commitment to my writing.

Thank you “GreatnessViaPassion”, an Aussie and thank you “MainelyButch”, another Mainer (isn’t the Internet an awesome thing? I can meet folks from all over the world! ! ! ).

Here is a link to the piece:


This is the inspirational quote from that blog:

‘If we all inspired just one person every day, just one, imagine how different the world would look a few years from now.’

That sentiment, exactly that, to perhaps touch even just one other person’s life in a positive way has inspired me in making several important decisions in my own personal life.

Here are some:

ONE – take nurses aide training to achieve my CNA to make at least one elderly person’s life better for one moment. The event behind this was my grandfather was hospitalized and in my opinion treated poorly in that hospital. It made me angry and while there wasn’t much I could do to change his experience when the opportunity came along to take this training this was my reason for doing so.

TWO – My CNA career lead me down the path to further education and I got my LPN, Licensed Practical Nurse, then my RN. As an RN I wanted to specialize in Women’s Health, and especially to work in the OB/GYN, mostly the OB, department in my hospital. After I fulfilled my post-RN contract with the hospital of working one year in off hours on a Med/Surg floor – Medical/Surgical floor I decided to pursue OB training  – Obstetrics – and was hired for that position. The inspiration for that was my own 2 previous experiences of giving birth – both had been less than desirable for different reasons – this would be another blog piece – and I wanted to make the birthing experience much more positive and supported for other single women giving birth.

THREE – I was in an abusive relationship and marriage for 7 years from ages 23-30. I learned first hand about the dance of Domestic Violence behavior – though at that time that theory hadn’t even been put out to the public. When I finally got free I wanted to reach out to other abused women to help them to get out of their abusive marriages. I met a woman who had already begun pursuing the possibility of starting a program in our own area of Maine. I joined her and with 5 other women, eventually, we went on to found the program in Rockland, Maine called “New Hope for Women, Inc.” The program started out as a 24/7 telephone line in her home and since 1980 has grown phenomenally, and provides services now to abused women and children, also educating and support of all the involved  helping professions such as Law, Health, and Mental Health, and also offers Safe Homes and extended assistance – they operate by grants and donations. There are also services for abusers.

Those are the 3 major issues I remember at the moment. I’ve overcome in my life many other challenges, all of which I’d like to lend support and encouragement to people currently going through them. Some of those could include, rape and incest, unwed motherhood (quaint phrase in this day and age – huh?!), breast cancer, acoustic neuroma, a lifelong and life threatening food addiction with treatment, recovery and a successful WLS Weight Loss Surgery, acute and chronic mental health issues – PTSD, Major Depressive Disorder, Recurring Suicidality, and who knows what else. The list only to remind myself, and admit to others that my life is full of Grace and experience and I have much Love, Hope, and Encouragement to offer to others.

BTW – some time ago I blogged about wanting to become a Life Coach and focus on Health, Wellness, Nutrition, and Obesity Recovery. I am now enrolled in the local college and will be taking my first returning student college class in January, 2016, in Human Nutrition. Then if I decide I really want to become a college student again I will enroll and go for a 4 year degree in Liberal Studies, thus giving myself the freedom to chose my own courses to best support my career desires. I already have about one third of the credits I need, and I am applying for VRS – Vocational Rehabilitation Services again to help support my return to work after a long time away due to recurring illnesses and healing. I am now well and eager to move forward with my life’s work! YAY! Thank you, God in all forms.

ANNE August2014 at Callyns party


  1. Thanks for the shout out, and isn’t GreatnessViaPassion’s stuff just terrific? For a young man he is exceptionally insightful and inspiring in my humble opinion! Glad to see you back at the keyboard too! Perhaps GvP has inspired more than one of us with his Why we should keep on Blogging piece! He has many other good articles on his page as well. I hope you are preparing for winter up there, nesting and putting that extra log on the fire! I think we will be doing alot of writing through snowstorms and by the twinkle of icecycles! I just hope it’s not as disasterous as last time around! Again, nice to see you writing again, and please keep it up! Stay in touch! ~Peace! MB

    • Thank you, much, MB! and yes I do think his stuff is terrific! When I think where I was in my early 20s I reflect how times have really changed!

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