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New Year’s Eve 2015


Watch Night –  http://www.postandcourier.com/article/20111231/PC1602/312319963

And from my facebook page:

Happy New Year to all. May 2016 bring you many blessings, much joy and peace of mind and heart.

Just below  (above)I posted a piece about “Watch Night”. It is about the history of the celebration of this night among the African-American people and churches – this was written about the Charleston, SC area – Deeply moving tradition. I hope you might read it and feel deeply, too.

When I was growing up the church my family attended used to celebrate “Watch Night” from 9pm to 12A midnight every New Year’s Eve with each hour a different activity. It is good to have such a pleasant memory from that church and that time in my life. One hour was a meal, the last hour was a candlelight service and I cannot remember the third hour.


In honor of tonight being New Year’s Eve I am thinking I should write a blog post tonight, especially as I’ve not written in ages. I wish to acknowledge the ending of 2015 during which I suffered much, and to acknowledge the HOPE of a New Year to start in a few hours, 2016.

My intention is to let go of the old and I’ve been sweeping away old “stuff” from the corners of my mind and heart as well as de-cluttering and getting rid of “stuff” from my home. My wish is to live as a minimalist and it feels great to shed layers – the sweeping is work and tiring by the end of that leaves me feeling more open each time.

The greatest surprise and joy in 2015 was the arrival of my little poodle, Rusty. He came to me end of May, 5 days after his owner since puppyhood died. This was all very traumatic for him and he suffers from separation anxiety – sometimes I suffer with him in reaction to his pain. We have made progress. He can now ride in a car without continuous shrieking. He needs a lot of attention and frequent “outs” sometimes but he is a lot better than the first time I tried to take him on a trip.

He is teaching me lessons – especially patience, also endurance of another’s pain without becoming crippled by it so that I may be present to him and helpful to him. He is a stoic little guy. He is happy, intelligent, playful, loving, sometimes willful, sometimes eager to please especially for his favorite treat, often clownish.

My angst with him has occasionally been so great that I’ve considered putting him into Poodle Rescue but I manage to get through those times – they give me reason to use the coping skills I have with which to manage my own anxiety. We manage to get through the tough times together – always comes peaceful loving times which bless us both, and make me ever so grateful that he came into my life.

I’m looking forward to taking a college course beginning Jan. 20 – will be the first course I’ve taken in 15 years. This will be another time of transition for Rusty and for myself  as it will be another opportunity to strengthen my own perseverance and commitment schools as I have no car and will have to rely on sometimes unreliable public transportation here.

I don’t seem able to come up with anything profound tonight and I don’t feel very inspired to write. I hope my inspiration will return soon.


Arti-Hindu-Ceremony-of-Light LAMP


  1. Rusty is your angel, I believe he’s been sent to you purposefully, you two need one another and have much to share and teach each other. You’re both very lucky to be forming a bond of love and trust. Namaste’ my friend.

  2. Sharon

    Happy New Year, Annie! Your writing is always so heartfelt. I hope peace and tranquility will be yours this new year. I wish you the very best as you embark upon the college course next month. I send love to you and Rusty. xoxo

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