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Celebration Health and Wellness

This is a copy of a facebook post on my private page – to document parts of my healing and recovery journey from life long food addiction and major depression:

Celebration Health and Wellness

RE my Weight Loss Journey – the original reason for this page 🙂

UPDATE – HW – 384 – LW – 247 –
regained up to 292
CW – 272
My 3rd year anniversary June 10, 2016 – it is incredible to me that I can still wear the same clothes I did last summer.
It’s been since end April since I’ve posted about weight loss.
I am so grateful to have found an Online Food Addiction Program that is working very well for me –
In Feb 2016 I was in despair because I’d regained 40 plus lbs and felt so out of control.
Then I watched a series of free videos and took a susceptibility quiz re addictive foods – THEN I signed up for an 8 week boot camp that I took for 10 weeks.
The 8 weeks of intensive support and 24 hour online access allowed me to once again go through sugar and flour detox, and get back on track with a food plan – modified for my “sleeve”, and pick up tools once again to help me get back on track.
The program is called Bright Line Eating. And Susan Peirce Thompson, Phd who founded the program is a 13 yr recovering food addict and a brain scientist who can and does explain the brain chemistry of sugar addiction.




I feel so happy again and so hopeful as I watch the scale go down again and have resumed my physical activity.
If you would like to ask questions please IM me and I’m happy to chat with you. Or just ask me here – I am very open. I am “Anne Wing” from Rockland, ME, USA on my facebook page and my email address is annelwing@gmail.com . 

ANNE May 2014

137 lb weight loss


My highest weight – 384 – Dec.2010

ANNE August2014 at Callyns party

Fall 2014 – and current weight  – 270 lbs

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