Lesbianne Musings

Welcome. I love feedback. Love is the answer. Peace , Love and Acceptance. Peace! !


Thank you for the process of learning, slow as it may be at times. After several hours of working with this blog I finally figured out how to edit this page.

It is amusing to me now, after 15 years of working with computers, mostly word processing and art/photo pages, to be able to look at such a page as this, to know there is a way to work with it, edit it, get rid of the instructions on it, and use it for my own. It used to frustrate me terribly to not be able to “figure out” such a simple thing.

From talking and listening to others in my age group and even younger, certainly to older folks, I know this experience is common among us. We grew up with paper and pencils, pens,  erasers, typewriters with carbon copies, books, slide shows, copying machines with real ink, really smelly ink I should say. But I digress…

It is easier to say what this blog is NOT than to say what it IS. This bloOSPREY tweetingis definitely not a journal. I do and will write honestly about the Truth in my own life sometimes. I see that as a steppingstone. I have done much personal journaling in my life, and that is and will be kept personal. Here I will write with more discipline and with both more and less restraint, in different ways. One purpose of my Blog is to get used to knowing my writing will be read by others, thus help me to lose my self-consciousness and shyness about sharing thoughts and feelings. Mostly I hope to get more comfortable as I  practice writing FREEly about BEing me. I hope to gain skills in many different styles of writing, and thus wish to receive honest and helpful criticism when a reader’s experience leads them to give that. I welcome comments and replies, always. We don’t have to agree, but I insist that we disagree respectfully. Zero tolerance for abuse.

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