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“SEAGULLS” are Sooooo Pretty! or “Ewwwww”!

GULL in Flight from U-Tube I’d love to have a dollar for every time a person, visitor or local, has said this to me about gulls! I never agree BUT I always get to tell my story – the same story I’m about to tell you. Did you watch the above U-Tube video? Did you …

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Spring has Sprung! Even in the NE!

Hi friends and followers, My muse abandoned me months ago! I’ve forgotten how to use this blog! I’m not gonna wait for her to return any longer but where do I start?! First, many thanks to all who have visited, liked and commented on my humble writings…thank you for hanging in there through the drought… …

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Memorial Day 2013 – Gay Veteran

           My stepfather was an army veteran of WWII. I don’t remember many of the details but I know he served in Italy as a medic or a store clerk, or both. I remember he kept his uniform in the upstairs open chamber and his rifle propped against the side of …

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