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Good – Bye Flowers This morning I got an email from a friend saying this is good-bye and her day of liberation. Ending her life? I don’t know. Maybe this sounds cold but I believe one has a right to choose one’s exit date. In my age group and older lots of us have chronic …

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Missing Someone Like Crazy

It isn’t always by death, sometimes life events cause the change, sometimes the two simply move away and on…sometimes one or the other, or both, are scared by the intensity and leave… Everyday connection with someone special, someone trusted, someone with whom one can share anything and everything …. Those people don’t come into my …

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“The Hardest Thing is Not Talking To Someone You Used to Talk to Everyday”*

* from allgreatquotes.com oh noooo! I just wrote a heartfelt blog post inspired by this ¬†art poster and did not remember to save draft. once again I’ve lost written words that were precious to me. nevertheless this poster deserves to be seen so will post “as is”. my loss is not through death, it is …

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