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“SEAGULLS” are Sooooo Pretty! or “Ewwwww”!

GULL in Flight from U-Tube I’d love to have a dollar for every time a person, visitor or local, has said this to me about gulls! I never agree BUT I always get to tell my story – the same story I’m about to tell you. Did you watch the above U-Tube video? Did you …

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Nature’s Grim Reality – Eider Ducks and Blackback Gull

EIDER DUCKS – MALE AND FEMALE, Karl Rau, photographer. This spring I’ve joined a facebook page “MAINE birds” https://www.facebook.com/groups/MAINEBirds/      March and April are bird migrating months in Maine, and the bird photographs on the above page, MAINE birds, are extraordinary, includes many birds familiar to me as well as some not previously known; some …

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Rosie and Opal, and Edna, too (a first date)

ROSIE AND OPAL, AND EDNA, TOO (a first date) by Lesbianne Free you do enjoy being out in nature? lovely my favorite thing we saw two retired elephants Rosie and Opal living in Hope perfect May day, warm sun, cool breeze, birds singing, flowering crabapple trees showing off their finest azure skies, not a single …

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Osprey’s Journey by Ellie Busby (photo)

poem written by a child gifted to me by a good friend who knows of my affinity for the osprey

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Free to BE

Ospreys are equally comfortable in air or water, and are the only bird that dives under the water for its prey from high above. They are monogamous, mating for life, migratory returning to the same nest each year. They are marvelous parents and it is pure joy – and tense excitement – to watch them …

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