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Rosie and Opal, and Edna, too (a first date)

ROSIE AND OPAL, AND EDNA, TOO (a first date) by Lesbianne Free you do enjoy being out in nature? lovely my favorite thing we saw two retired elephants Rosie and Opal living in Hope perfect May day, warm sun, cool breeze, birds singing, flowering crabapple trees showing off their finest azure skies, not a single …

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YOU! ! ! 3

               YOU! ! ! 3 (and final) by Lesbianne Free I am loyal you said! I will never leave you you said! I will love you forever you said! Trust me! I’ve told you I love you so many ways, so often – When will you trust me and believe?! …

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For Love of Our Breasts

I’ve been thinking about women’s breasts a lot recently. Just yesterday I was contemplating what and when I would write about breasts.  I love women’s breasts. I am a lesbian and I love breasts; but more personally I loved my own breasts, they were my favorite body part. Then only today I read two different …

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YOU! ! !

YOU! ! ! ! by Lesbianne Free I am loyal you said! I will never leave you, you said! I will love you forever you said! Trust me! I’ve told you how I feel so often – when will you trust me and believe?! I’ll never have to be alone again you said! you color …

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Memorial Day 2013 – Gay Veteran

           My stepfather was an army veteran of WWII. I don’t remember many of the details but I know he served in Italy as a medic or a store clerk, or both. I remember he kept his uniform in the upstairs open chamber and his rifle propped against the side of …

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DON’T STAY WHERE YOU ARE TOLERATED, GO WHERE YOU ARE CELEBRATED Spiritual Networks Page on FB via Krystyna  – thank you

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“Chariots of Fire”

Let me preface this by sharing that in the few days since I started this blog my inner growth has grown exponentially. As soon as I set up my page with that gorgeous Osprey, I became blocked. When I made the decision to Blog I had many ideas and thoughts running through my head. Today …

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Gratitude One

“…whatever is upfront at the time.”  Just sit. Just write. Let it flow. Do not edit or reread. Lots of ideas flash by my eyes, cannot seem to grasp even one. Wanted to start a blog to practice and improve writing skills. Excitement. Much to say. Much to share. Much curiosity. Much to learn. Seems …

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Free to BE

Ospreys are equally comfortable in air or water, and are the only bird that dives under the water for its prey from high above. They are monogamous, mating for life, migratory returning to the same nest each year. They are marvelous parents and it is pure joy – and tense excitement – to watch them …

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