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My Heart Speaks

Today is the first time I’ve felt the urge to write. I wrote and posted this piece on my private facebook page which is where I record my recovery from addiction and depression since early 2011. This is a new beginning perhaps. Anne Wing 2 mins · Rockland, ME There is beauty all around me …

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Why I Must Keep on Writing (blogging)

Haven’t written a blog page in a while. Read an inspiring blog piece today by a young male Aussie writer that was passed on to me by another blogger. I decided I need to put more effort into writing – even consider – gleeps – perhaps some kind of regular commitment to my writing. Thank …

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We (I) Often Don’t Do Anything Because I Pressure ME to do BIG! ! !

I just saw the above thought online from a facebook friend of a friend – love the worldwide Universal community – and I thought wow how true that is for me in regards to my writing. For years I had the desire to write a book that would be a bestseller AND be on Oprah’s …

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A Look At Stumbling Blocks

Anne and Rusty

“Aimless” “If I try I’ll Fail” “What to do With Myself” This morning I’m pondering what to write about. You can see I’ve had some floating ideas but nothing concrete. I’m the first one to say “No, I’m not afraid of failure”. But earlier while on my facebook page I saw an ad with a …

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“SEAGULLS” are Sooooo Pretty! or “Ewwwww”!

GULL in Flight from U-Tube I’d love to have a dollar for every time a person, visitor or local, has said this to me about gulls! I never agree BUT I always get to tell my story – the same story I’m about to tell you. Did you watch the above U-Tube video? Did you …

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FAT GIRL – Part 1

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5M5ShRQuMgM&feature=youtu.be POETRY READING BY POET MEGAN FALLEY FROM VANCOUVER I am a member of a page called Big Beautiful Wellness on Facebook – BBW.  Yes, it is about Big Beautiful WOMEN! ! ! ! The link above came from that page, it is a poem read by a young woman named Megan Falley who was featured …

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The Sweetest Face – Charlie Howard 1961-1984

https://lesbiannemusings.wordpress.com/charlie-howard-memorial-29-yrs-in-2013-since-murder/ In early July every year since 1984 my memory turns to one of the most shocking painful memories of my life, the murder of Charlie Howard in Bangor, Maine. This year I was trying to remember what he looked like and was shocked by the sweetness in the photos I found. Not because I …

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Rosie and Opal, and Edna, too (a first date)

ROSIE AND OPAL, AND EDNA, TOO (a first date) by Lesbianne Free you do enjoy being out in nature? lovely my favorite thing we saw two retired elephants Rosie and Opal living in Hope perfect May day, warm sun, cool breeze, birds singing, flowering crabapple trees showing off their finest azure skies, not a single …

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YOU! ! ! 3

               YOU! ! ! 3 (and final) by Lesbianne Free I am loyal you said! I will never leave you you said! I will love you forever you said! Trust me! I’ve told you I love you so many ways, so often – When will you trust me and believe?! …

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YOU! ! !

YOU! ! ! ! by Lesbianne Free I am loyal you said! I will never leave you, you said! I will love you forever you said! Trust me! I’ve told you how I feel so often – when will you trust me and believe?! I’ll never have to be alone again you said! you color …

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