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Why I Must Keep on Writing (blogging)

Haven’t written a blog page in a while. Read an inspiring blog piece today by a young male Aussie writer that was passed on to me by another blogger. I decided I need to put more effort into writing – even consider – gleeps – perhaps some kind of regular commitment to my writing. Thank …

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Loneliness and Acceptance

      Loneliness is something I have struggled and suffered with most of my life. The first time I remember feeling that deep empty place in my middle I was in high school. I used to love to walk facing into the wind. Something about the wind blowing on me and into my face …

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Food Addiction and WLS

Good Monday Morning, Blog Readers, Food Addiction and Weight Loss Surgery – I had WLS – VSG – vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy “sleeve” on June 13, 2013 and though it isn’t easy i would do it again in a heartbeat! ) Another summer weekend passed and we are expected to have a week of sunny 70s …

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My Relapse Post Weight Loss Surgery

My Response to “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead”  by Joe Cross and with Phil. This film prompted me to get in touch with the facts of my relapse and my willingness to intervene now before any more time goes by. I was quite impressed with Joe Cross’s story but to be completely honest I can’t …

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Fun and Funny Video – Ice Cream Truck and Dog

from Americas Funniest Videos Enjoy! I KNOW this feeling! We have an ice cream truck in the summer and the instant I hear the music my ears perk up and my heart races….I have yet to visit it though lol

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The 3 Most Common Reasons for Weight Loss Surgery Failure

Food and Weight have been problematic issues for me all of my life since early childhood. The first binge I remember was age 5 at a kindergarten Valentine’s party – I couldn’t stop cramming in the sweets – and barely made it home in time to vomit in the toilet – help it in with …

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AA and Anti-Depressants

In 1986 I became aware that my drinking was a problem. I was in outpatient addiction recovery dealing with my food addiction issues. I’d also had depression for many years but thought it was a “bad personality” and had done no recovery for it. At that time a common theme in AA was that antidepressants …

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Living with Dysthymic Disorder and Major Depession

Anne and Rusty

What is Dysthymic Disorder?  http://www.everydayhealth.com/health-report/major-depression/understanding-dysthymia.aspx My Personal Experience of Dysthymia The first time I was hospitalized in a Psychiatric Hospital in 1988 I was diagnosed with Dysthymic Disorder and Bulimia (Translation – Ox Eating), now my type of Bulimia would be called Binge Eating Disorder, for which there is finally an actual diagnosis in the …

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AA and OA – Alcohol and Sugar Addictions and Birthday Hallelujah!

Today is my 64th birthday and I am incredibly grateful to still be here to celebrate. Also for the VSG.  – “sleeve gastrectomy”  or “Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy” or “The Sleeve”, my recovery from food addiction, imperfect though it is, and my 29 years abstinence from alcohol. Even though I did not yet lose all my …

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Peace of Mind Being My Greatest Desire

GOSH! Where to start?! I’ve been feeling angry! Now I’m feeling disappointed, hurt, rejected and sad. My depression has been lifting the past several days…and life keeps moving along…things happen…I think I can understand why some people would rather feel angry than hurt – it is a stronger feeling – one of having more control …

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