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RE-Blog on Gratitude to Those Who Support Us…

…and Make Us Happy! ! ! Many thank yous to the author of the blog The Seeds 4 Life which I find most inspirational! http://www.theseeds4life.com/let-us-be-grateful-to-people-who-make-us-happy-they-are-the-charming-gardeners-who-make-our-souls-blossom-marcel-proust OK, folks, I think I’ve finally pulled the pieces together – my life experiences, my skills, my knowledge, my willingness to keep on growing and learning. I have a passion …

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Loneliness and Acceptance

      Loneliness is something I have struggled and suffered with most of my life. The first time I remember feeling that deep empty place in my middle I was in high school. I used to love to walk facing into the wind. Something about the wind blowing on me and into my face …

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DON’T STAY WHERE YOU ARE TOLERATED, GO WHERE YOU ARE CELEBRATED Spiritual Networks Page on FB via Krystyna  – thank you

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Gratitude One

“…whatever is upfront at the time.”  Just sit. Just write. Let it flow. Do not edit or reread. Lots of ideas flash by my eyes, cannot seem to grasp even one. Wanted to start a blog to practice and improve writing skills. Excitement. Much to say. Much to share. Much curiosity. Much to learn. Seems …

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