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My Heart Speaks

Today is the first time I’ve felt the urge to write. I wrote and posted this piece on my private facebook page which is where I record my recovery from addiction and depression since early 2011. This is a new beginning perhaps. Anne Wing 2 mins · Rockland, ME There is beauty all around me …

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The Courageous Wounded Healer

When Our Wounds Cease to Be a Source of Shame, and Become a Source of Healing, We Have Become Wounded Healers – Henri Nouwen When Our Wounds Cease to Become a Source of Shame… …wow! think of this! I am a Wounded Healer. Yes. Because I’ve overcome much that has caused me pain and shame in …

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Making Friends With The Dark Side

All of my therapists, spiritual teachers and healers, and wise friends have told me I must make friends with my dark side in order to fully heal and move on to a happy, healthy, and fulfilling life. Phew, that is so scary and I respond to that differently at different times. My stronger self eagerly …

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Gratitude For Recovery from Autoimmune Illnesses

Anne and Rusty

Elephant Journal has done it again! I love EJ for articles on health, relationships, spiritual growth and more!      http://www.elephantjournal.com/ In this article Dr. Hyman from Cleveland lists many of the autoimmune illnesses people in the western world struggle with today, as well as 9 Steps to deal with which to deal with these …

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We (I) Often Don’t Do Anything Because I Pressure ME to do BIG! ! !

I just saw the above thought online from a facebook friend of a friend – love the worldwide Universal community – and I thought wow how true that is for me in regards to my writing. For years I had the desire to write a book that would be a bestseller AND be on Oprah’s …

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