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My Heart Speaks

Today is the first time I’ve felt the urge to write. I wrote and posted this piece on my private facebook page which is where I record my recovery from addiction and depression since early 2011. This is a new beginning perhaps. Anne Wing 2 mins · Rockland, ME There is beauty all around me …

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Messed Up or What? Seriously

I really hope people contact me with ideas and thoughts re this post. You can reach me by responding to this blog post, on facebook IM, email or phone. The “Good-bye Flowers” email I got yesterday and blogged about put me in a tizzy. I’m strong about respecting others choices but I’m human and love …

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The Courageous Wounded Healer

When Our Wounds Cease to Be a Source of Shame, and Become a Source of Healing, We Have Become Wounded Healers – Henri Nouwen When Our Wounds Cease to Become a Source of Shame… …wow! think of this! I am a Wounded Healer. Yes. Because I’ve overcome much that has caused me pain and shame in …

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Making Friends With The Dark Side

All of my therapists, spiritual teachers and healers, and wise friends have told me I must make friends with my dark side in order to fully heal and move on to a happy, healthy, and fulfilling life. Phew, that is so scary and I respond to that differently at different times. My stronger self eagerly …

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AA and Anti-Depressants

In 1986 I became aware that my drinking was a problem. I was in outpatient addiction recovery dealing with my food addiction issues. I’d also had depression for many years but thought it was a “bad personality” and had done no recovery for it. At that time a common theme in AA was that antidepressants …

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